Level Solutions will once again be co-exhibiting, with Lathrop Trotter, at the 2023 Midwest Healthcare Engineering Conference & Trade Show (MWHCEC). This year’s show is set to take place at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, November 13th -14th. Attendees of the MWHCEC will have convenient access to the best healthcare facility education, resources, and … Continued

Hotel pools are largely considered an essential amenity that many travelers look for when selecting a property for an overnight stay or vacation. Indoor pools are particularly appealing since they can be used any time of year. As much as indoor hotel pools provide enjoyment during all seasons, they also pose unique challenges, particularly in … Continued

Koch Applied Solutions Welcomes Alan Walker

Koch Applied Solutions, dba Lathtop Trotter and Level Solutions, is proud to welcome Alan Walker to our team. Alan joins us in the role of Applications Engineer and will be supporting the outside sales team for Level Solutions and Lathrop Trotter with a primary focus in airside and applied equipment. Born and raised in Oldham … Continued

Ingenia has the ideal jobsite assembled air handler that is designed to fit in challenging spaces like tight mechanical rooms. The precision design and dimensional flexibility of Ingenia AHU units make them the perfect option for replacing existing air handlers. The innovative kits are engineered to ensure that all of the air handler’s parts and … Continued

Henry Clay High School in Lexington, Kentucky had a serious efficiency problem, having the worst performing HVAC system in the district. Not only is HVAC efficiency important for creating a healthy and comfortable learning environment, inefficient heating and cooling systems consume significantly more energy. inefficient systems also increase utility costs for school districts with already … Continued

VariCool EZ-Fit® Meets Variable HVAC Needs

VariCool EZ-Fit® offers the ultimate all-indoor solution for challenging HVAC applications. When floor-by-floor variable air volumes are needed for efficient air conditioning, the EZ-Fit® is the perfect choice EZ-Fit® Features:. 12–90 Tons Water Cooled Packages Water Source Heat Pumps DOAS 3-8 Piece Modular Package Flexible, Modular Design A self-contained air conditioning system, the VariCool EZ-Fit® … Continued

Level Solutions’ parent company, KHVAC, LLC has announced its launch under a new name, Koch Applied Solutions. The company will be developing a new website that will build synergies to connect the companies for broader and more complete customer support.  This new brand strategy is designed to communicate to customers the beneficial services of its … Continued

CRAC Units vs. CRAH Units

Maintaining proper temperature in data centers is critical. At one time, computer room and data center managers relied on conventional air conditioning systems to manage temperature. As systems were expanded with additional servers, managers simply added more air conditioners.  The technology of today has necessitated larger data centers with much higher server densities. Computer room … Continued

In recent years the world has become more focused on climate change issues. Concern for preserving our global resources has everyone looking for ways to promote sustainability and increase energy efficiency. In every industry, goals are focusing on responsible technologies and meeting regulatory compliance challenges to meet green objectives. Like most industries, the HVAC industry … Continued

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