Level Solutions’ parent company, KHVAC, LLC has announced its launch under a new name, Koch Applied Solutions. The company will be developing a new website that will build synergies to connect the companies for broader and more complete customer support.  This new brand strategy is designed to communicate to customers the beneficial services of its … Continued

CRAC Units vs. CRAH Units

Maintaining proper temperature in data centers is critical. At one time, computer room and data center managers relied on conventional air conditioning systems to manage temperature. As systems were expanded with additional servers, managers simply added more air conditioners.  The technology of today has necessitated larger data centers with much higher server densities. Computer room … Continued

In recent years the world has become more focused on climate change issues. Concern for preserving our global resources has everyone looking for ways to promote sustainability and increase energy efficiency. In every industry, goals are focusing on responsible technologies and meeting regulatory compliance challenges to meet green objectives. Like most industries, the HVAC industry … Continued

As the U.S. Congress works out legislation to federally legalize marijuana, growers around the country are looking for ways to optimize production. Maintaining ideal humidity and temperature levels is essential for achieving optimal plant health. Growers are turning to cooling system experts to provide dependable equipment to help them maintain a stable growing environment. In … Continued

The Level Solutions team is excited to announce we will be participating in the Midwest Healthcare Engineering Conference & Trade Show (MWHCEC), taking place November 14-16, 2022, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, IN.  MWHCEC gives attendees convenient and affordable access to the best healthcare facility education, resources, and vendors in the industry. The … Continued

Level Solutions is proud to announce the addition of our newest team member, Kari Guy. She joins us as a Senior Systems Sales Engineer in the Louisville and Lexington area. Kari Guy comes to us with a Bachelor degree in Architectural engineering with an emphasis on building mechanical systems from Milwaukee School of Engineering. Kari … Continued

The FläktGroup® SEMCO Elite answers the industry need for humidity control and complete space conditioning in an integrated system. The Elite Series achieves a superior level of humidity control by conditioning outdoor air using a cooling coil that adjusts the humidity and then reheats the air to a comfortable temperature. The SEMCO Elite is a … Continued

As a leading manufacturer of innovative pool facility equipment, Dectron is committed to helping facility managers promote a healthy and safe environment for swimmers. The company promotes the issue of  indoor air quality (IAQ) for pool facilities through its support for organizations like the Step Into Swim Initiative. This year Dectron is proud to announce … Continued

SEMCOTM to Host Elite Series Webinar

On May 25th, FläktGroup® SEMCOTM is hosting an Elite Series webinar to educate participants on the high performance, energy recovery design of this innovative series. The Elite Series can be employed as a component of an integrated system and provide total space conditioning. A primary advantage of the Elite Series is the ability to control … Continued

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