SEMCO Elite with Unitary Wheel Cassette Offers Reliable Energy Recovery

The FläktGroup® SEMCO Elite answers the industry need for humidity control and complete space conditioning in an integrated system. The Elite Series achieves a superior level of humidity control by conditioning outdoor air using a cooling coil that adjusts the humidity and then reheats the air to a comfortable temperature.

The SEMCO Elite is a pre-engineered and factory-assembled energy recovery unit (ERU) that offers optimal performance in the equally-balanced transfer of both latent and sensible heat. The Elite Series advantages:

  • Capable of treating a building’s exhaust and incoming air supply
  • Can be used as an outdoor air pre-conditioner for an existing air handling system, or as part of an integrated system
  • Designed to comply with ASHRAE 62.1 standard which ensures the highest indoor air quality
  • Designed with high-performance EC fans to minimize noise and optimize system efficiency for superior energy savings and cost

Industry-Leading UWC Technology

Integral to the design of Elite is the industry-leading, FläktGroup SEMCO Unitary Wheel Cassette (UWC). The UWC line offers dependable performance with the highest latent and sensible heat transfer efficiency media in its class. This easy to install cassette can be used as a slide-in replacement for similar fiber and dimpled plastic wheels.

The UWC line is engineered to deliver a long, reliable, and relatively maintenance-free service life. AHRI certified, the Unitary Wheel Cassette will perform accurately and consistently, in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 84. In addition to ASHRAE Standard 84, the UWC is independently certified to pass NFPA 90 requirements for flame spread and smoke generation based upon ASTM E84 fire test method.

Highly Versatile Elite Offers Cooling and Heating Modes

Elite systems may be used as a primary source for temperature and/or humidity control, and also serve as pre-conditioners where additional post heating or cooling is needed to supplement the outdoor air being directly supplied to the space.

Level Solutions is Your Source for SEMCO Elite Systems

Level Solutions partners with SEMCO to offer a complete line of energy recovery systems, including the Elite Series with Unitary Wheel Cassette technology. SEMCO products are designed not only to provide energy efficiency and overall comfort but also can be used to provide the right environment for your building envelope or process applications. Contact us to discuss your project

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