VariCool EZ-Fit® Meets Variable HVAC Needs

VariCool EZ-Fit®

VariCool EZ-Fit® offers the ultimate all-indoor solution for challenging HVAC applications. When floor-by-floor variable air volumes are needed for efficient air conditioning, the EZ-Fit® is the perfect choice

EZ-Fit® Features:.

  • 12–90 Tons
  • Water Cooled Packages
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • DOAS
  • 3-8 Piece Modular Package

Flexible, Modular Design

A self-contained air conditioning system, the VariCool EZ-Fit® is engineered for flexibility, and even fits through doorways, narrow hallways, and elevators.

A popular choice for retrofit jobs, the modular, EZ-Fit® design consists of three main components that join easily to form a single unit. The unit includes a fan section, evaporator coil section, and a condensing section. Single modules are available in a variety of sizes including: 

  • 12–15 ton
  • 20–25 ton
  • 30–35 ton
  • 40–45-ton

Dual modules then form together systems to provide as much as 90 tons of cooling.

Superior Manufacturing Process

The VariCool EZ-Fit® manufacturing process phases include evacuation, charging and testing before the final assembly. Using resealable refrigerant fittings allows the unit to be split for shipping, while retaining the factory charge. 

The module sections use innovative 3D-Intelli Clamp connectors for easy connection and perfect component alignment, all with lower installation cost and complete system reliability.

Level Solutions is Your Source for the VariCool EZ-Fit®

Level Solutions is a knowledgeable and trusted supplier of quality HVAC industry products like The VariCool EZ-Fit®. Our team is proud to serve customers in Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois. Contact us to discuss your project. 

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