Multi Zone Replacement Unit

Level Solutions partners with Seasons 4 to offer custom multi-zone replacement units. As an experienced expert in the engineering and manufacturing of specialty HVAC equipment for over 50 years, Seasons 4 specializes in building custom multi-zone units in a variety of configurations. Seasons 4 will send trained personnel to your site to take custom measurements guaranteeing that the replacement units will fit precisely in the existing curb footprint. 

Two Deck Multi-Zone Units

Seasons 4 relies on Emerson/Copeland digital scroll compressors and variable speed scroll compressors for the manufacture of two deck multi-zone units. These compressors provide modulation down to 30% of the lead compressors capacity where there has been minimal modulation in the past. 

For gas heating applications, Seasons 4 uses Heatco tubular furnaces for 5:1 or greater modulation to meet heating requirements without wasting energy. Although the two deck unit does mix or blend potentially heated and cooled air together, adjustments in the sequence or operation can lock out the heating and cooling if necessary. Using a hot gas reheat coil is recommended in this application to provide a first stage of “free” heat while the lead compressor is running.

Three Deck Multi-Zone Units

Seasons 4 three deck multi-zone units offer a step above the two deck model, meeting ASHRAE STD 90.1 by not allowing heated and cooled air to mix even if running simultaneously. Both heated and cooled air mix with bypass air, but heated and cooled air never mix in this arrangement. Seasons 4 three deck units feature the same components as their two deck units.

26 Multi-Zone Replacements Units

Three Deck VAV Multi-Zone Units

Seasons 4 takes the three deck multi-zone unit to the next level by adding variable speed drives to the supply and return blowers (if equipped). Reducing the speed of the blowers during off peak conditions can dramatically reduce your energy costs since energy consumption is directly related to the speed of the blower motors.

Level Solutions offers you the benefit of our extensive experience working with Seasons 4 multi-zone replacement units. Through our vendor partnerships and exclusive agreements with the industry’s leading suppliers, we can offer you customized solutions delivered on time and within budget.