Brasch Standard Open Coil Duct HeatersLevel Solutions offers electric heaters from Brasch Manufacturing. When it comes to electric heating equipment and controls for commercial and industrial markets, Brasch is the trusted name. These electric heaters are built to pass stringent quality control tests and meet UL, ETL, NEC, and CSA requirements.

Brasch manufactures duct heaters, in both open element and finned tubular element configurations, for slip in and flanged models. Brasch unit heaters, make up air units, cabinet heaters and baseboard heaters are engineered to meet commercial and industrial requirements.

Brasch Electric Heaters

  • Standard Open Coil Duct Heaters
    UA and HUP heater lines satisfy most typical space heating requirements, simplifying specification, ordering and delivery.

    • Standard & quick ship delivery programs available
    • HUA and HUP heaters are available up to 456 KW
    • Sizes range from 8″ W x 6″ H to 48″ W x 40″ H or 72″ W x 30″ H

    Custom Duct Heaters
    Custom duct heaters are available for special air handling and air conditioning equipment applications.

    • Modular construction
    • Multi-zone or dual duct heaters
    • Round duct construction
    • Variable air volume units

    Explosion-Proof Duct Heaters
    Brasch offers electric duct heaters for hazardous locations, which are readily available at affordable prices.

    Ultra-Safe – cCSAus Approved for virtually all Class I and Class II, Division 1 and 2 hazardous gas or dusty atmospheres

    • Ignition temperatures as low as 320°F (160°C)
    • Six standard sizes to fit a wide range of ducts
    • Ratings up to 240 KW, 600 volts

    EP Series EP2 – cCSAus Approved for Class I, Division 2 locations where a hazardous gas is occasionally present.

    • Ignition temperatures as low as 392°F (200°C)
    • For ducts up to 240” (610 cm) wide by 120” (305 cm) high
    • Ratings up to 1000 KW, 600 volts

    Custom – Wider range of sizes than available in the other two designs, Vertical airflow, Ratings up to 750 KW, 600 volts.

    Commercial Duct Heaters Catalog

  • Brasch offers a complete line of explosion-proof and fan-forced electric unit heaters for commercial and industrial applications.

    • 233 Series Explosion Proof Unit Heater
    • 236 Series Explosion Proof Unit Heater
    • 234 Series Washdown Corrosion Resistant Unit Heater
    • 238 Series Industrial Unit Heater
    • BTUR 240 Series Unit Heater
    • 254 Series Unit Heater
    • 925 Series Unit Heater
    • 926 Series Unit Heater
    • 928 Series Vertical Unit Heater
    • 961 Series Unit Heater
    • 962 Series Unit Heater
    • 963 Series Unit Heater

    Unit Heaters Catalog – Explosion-Proof and Fan Forced

  • Wall Heaters

    • 922 Series
    • 930 Series
    • 932 Series
    • 933 Series
    • 934 Series
    • 935 Series
    • 942 Series

    Ceiling Heaters

    • 931 Series
    • 936 – 937 Series
    • 941 Series

    Floor Heaters

    • 938 Series
    • 939 Series

    Radiant Panels

    • 918 Series
    • BH AS Series
    • STS
    • STT Thin

    Wall, Ceiling, & Floor Heaters Catalog

    STS by Brasch Catalog

  • Brasch offers a complete line of baseboard and convector heaters for commercial and industrial applications.

    • Commercial Baseboard Heater 903 Series
    • Architectural Sill-Height Convector 904/906 Series
    • Industrial Sill-Height Convector 905/907 Series
    • High-End Baseboard Heater 910 Series 
    • Architectural Convector 908/909 Series 
    • Mini Draft Barrier Heater 914 Series 
    • High Watt Density Draft Barrier Heater 916 Series 
    • Architectural Cabinet Convector 911/912 Series
    • Trench Insert Floor Convector 943 Series 
    • Thermostats
    • Controllers and Accessories

    Baseboard & Convector Heaters Catalog

  • BH-CRG Heating Cables are engineered for freeze protection of metal and plastic pipes and tanks in building and construction applications. BH-CRG Cables are also approved for use in roof & gutter de-icing applications. The semiconductive polymer core changes its power output versus pipe temperature to maximize power usage and stop overheating. The cables are made for extended service life, are third-party tested and approved to strict industry standards for building and construction market applications.

    BH-CRG – Self-Regulating Heating Cable Sales Sheet