Energy Recovery Systems, ERU, & Field Built Panel Systems

SEMCO Energy Recovery SystemsLevel Solutions partners with SEMCO to offer a complete line of energy recovery systems, including desiccant solutions for increased ventilation and control of humidity and moisture. SEMCO products are designed not only to provide energy efficiency and overall comfort but also can be used to provide the right environment for your building envelope or process applications.

FreshAir Ventilator Series – FV

An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) continuously provides the code required quantity of outdoor air during occupancy in an energy-efficient manner. SEMCO’s FreshAir (FV)series ventilator outdoor air pre-conditioners are engineered to reduce the energy needed to heat or cool outdoor air by up to 80%. The FV pre-conditioner allows the HVAC system to economically accommodate a three-to-four-fold increase in outdoor air quantities, which is recommended by the ASHRAE Standard 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. This allows both new and existing buildings to benefit from a healthy indoor environment.

  • Air Flow Range: 600 – 10,000 CFM
  • Dew Point: 52 – 55
  • Grains of Moisture: 58 – 65
  • Energy Cost Savings $8,500/Year
  • Humidity Control: 57% – 62%

FV pre-conditioners affordably lower the operating cost of a building designed in accordance with the ASHRAE indoor air quality standard. When combined with unitary heating and cooling equipment, they also optimize humidity control. Since the unit preconditions the incoming air to the packaged equipment, the necessary refrigeration capacity may be reduced by as much as half. In many cases, the expense of the FV pre-conditioner and its installation is typically offset by the reduced size of the conventional HVAC system.

Retrofitting the HVAC system with an FV pre-conditioner in existing buildings allows the outdoor air quantity to be expanded significantly without increasing energy costs, losing humidity control, or changing the size of the current HVAC unit.

Pinnacle Series – PVS

Pinnacle Series - PVSThis system manages 100% of a building’s humidity, temperature and ventilation in a single package. The most efficient system on the market, the Pinnacle series features the highest performing energy recovery wheel, and supplies preconditioned outdoor air to conventional HVAC systems, allowing them to effectively increase outdoor air percentages.

  • Air Flow Range: 1,500 – 45,000 CFM
  • Dew Point: 40 – 48
  • Grains of Moisture: 38 – 51
  • Energy Cost Savings $35,150/Year
  • Humidity Control: 40% – 50%

The Pinnacle Series responds to various combinations of temperature and humidity by modulating the passive dehumidification wheel and the cooling coil. It then provides a constant stream of optimally conditioned ventilation air while exhausting stale, polluted air. This happens in a highly efficient manner, providing substantial operating savings by eliminating the need for conventional over-cooling and reheat systems. Optimizing the condition of your building’s supply air, the Pinnacle Series reduces demand for overall heating/cooling capacity, and provides substantial savings in installation costs.

Pinnacle I – able to dehumidify outdoor air as low as 40 grains – dewpoints unattainable with conventional systems. It consists of a supply fan, exhaust fan, total energy recovery wheel, a cooling coil, and a passive dehumidification wheel.

Pinnacle II – expands the Pinnacle Series dehumidification capabilities and optimizes temperature control. Able to dehumidify outdoor air as low as 35 grains and features the same components as the Pinnacle I, but also incorporates a second DX trim coil with a variable speed compressor.

The Pinnacle can recover up to 90% of the heating energy from a building’s exhaust air stream during its heating mode. Watch to see it in action!

Energy Package Series – EP

Energy Package SeriesThis system offers the ultimate performance in the transfer of total energy, and is available as a single (EP) or dual (EPD) wheel system. The pre-engineered and factory assembled EP series provides air handling capability for exhaust and supply air. The system can precondition outdoor air going to other conventional air handling systems or be used as an integrated system, providing total space conditioning with additional heating and cooling options available.

  • Air Flow Range: 2,000 – 70,000 SCFM
  • Dew Point: 50 – 58
  • Grains of Moisture: 50 – 65
  • Energy Cost Savings $11,450/Year
  • Humidity Control: 54% – 62%

The EP series has a technologically advanced wheel with a 3Å molecular sieve-desiccant coating that is selective in what it adsorbs from an exhaust air stream. The desiccant rejects airborne contaminants while it transfers water vapor. This results in providing total energy transfer from the exhaust to the supply air stream. This very important and unique feature has been well documented through independent laboratory and field-testing. Selectivity allows the wheel to be used in critical applications, including recovery from contaminated air streams.

Elite Series – ELT

Elite Series - ELTThis series is a pre-engineered and factory-assembled energy recovery unit (ERU) that offers the ultimate performance in equally-balanced transfer of both, latent and sensible heat. Capable of treating a building’s exhaust and incoming air supply, the Elite ERU can be used as an outdoor air pre-conditioner for an existing conventional air handling system, or as part of an integrated system, which provides total space air treatment. The Elite Series system is also designed to comply with the ASHRAE 62.1 standard to ensure the highest indoor air quality.

  • Air Flow Range: 3,500 – 20,000 CFM
  • Dew Point: 52 – 55
  • Grains of Moisture: 57 – 65
  • Energy Cost Savings $9,800/Year
  • Humidity Control: 57% – 62%

The Elite features the Unitary Wheel Cassette (UWC), offering superior performance with the highest latent and sensible heat transfer efficiency media on the market, in its class. The UWC can be installed quickly and easily, as a slide-in replacement for similar fiber wheels and dimpled plastic wheels.

Designed and built to have a long, reliable, and relatively maintenance-free life, the UWC is AHRI certified, which verifies that the cassettes will perform accurately and consistently, in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 84. In addition to ASHRAE Standard 84, the UWC is independently certified to pass NFPA 90 requirements for flame spread and smoke generation based upon ASTM E84 fire test method.

The Elite Series also includes high performance EC fans, designed to minimize noise and optimize system efficiency for superior energy and cost savings.