The Right Chiller System For Your Application

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An industrial chiller system is a refrigeration system that cools processes, materials, and equipment by removing, and in some cases reusing heat. Industrial chillers allow operations to run smoothly and efficiently. Level Solutions offers industrial water cooled, air cooled, and absorption chillers for a variety of processes and facilities.

Which Chiller System is Right for My Application?

When choosing a chiller system for your application, there are a number of important factors to consider. An experienced chiller application specialist can help you navigate these considerations.

Some typical chiller system applications include medical and laboratory, food and beverage, metal finishing, chemical processing, oil and gas, as well as institutional and municipal facilities. Different types of chiller designs are available with performance characteristics suited to specific applications.

Air cooled chillers are generally less expensive and better suited for facilities where heat is not an issue. Water cooled chillers tend to be quieter and more efficient. Absorption chillers use heat to generate cooling rather than a compressor.

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Level Solutions is highly experienced, offering site visits and advice on your chiller and cooling challenges. With leading vendor partnerships and exclusive agreements with the industry’s best suppliers, we can offer you customized industrial chiller solutions delivered on time and within budget.