Process Chillers, Mission Critical Chillers, Medical Chillers, and MRI Chillers

Motivair Air Cooled ChillerHeat from processes is absorbed by air cooled chillers and transferred to the air surrounding the chiller unit. Air cooled chillers are typically used when additional heat discharge is not a factor. In some applications the heat can be redirected and used for climate control to provide added cost savings.

The Level Solutions line encompasses a variety of air cooled chillers including process chillers, mission critical chillers, medical chillers, and MRI chillers.

Motivair Air-Cooled Industrial Chillers

Motivair offers air cooled industrial chillers designed for industries and operations that rely on dependable cooling for critical operations and facilities.

  • 10 – 450 tons capacity range
  • Customization options allow equipment to meet project specific design criteria ensuring reliable options and lowest total cost of ownership
  • Factory assurance quality testing prior to shipment for every chiller
  • Centurion Monitoring System provides optional 24×7 global remote monitoring and support
  • Key Features
  • Tech Specs
  • Custom Options
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Key Features

  • Enterprise grade design
  • Mission critical design for the world’s most demanding facilities
  • Rapid restart feature

Tech Specs

  • Scroll, Screw & Turbocor Compressor Options
  • 10 – 450 Tons Capacities
  • Shell & Tube and Braised Plate Evaporator Options
  • Air-Cooled Condenser with low noise, variable speed TEAO Fan motors
  • High Powered PLC control system with remote monitoring capabilities
  • Integrated Storage Tank Option
  • Integrated Primary Pump(s) Option
  • Refrigerant Options: R-134A, R-410A, R-1234ZE, R-513A
  • Power: 230/3/60, 460/3/60, 380/3/50, 575/3/60
  • ETL, CSA, CE Certified

Custom Options

  • Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • Low Noise Option

Smardt Air Cooled Industrial Chillers

Smardt air cooled chillers lead the market with the:

  • Smallest footprint
  • Quietest operation (in both standard and low-noise configurations)
  • Highest air-cooled operating efficiencies

Smardt air cooled chiller condenser coils use a V configuration to optimize heat rejection and footprint. The coils are baked and double-coated as standard with sealed edges as standard, to extend the coil’s physical protection from environmental corrosion towards the inherent long life of the other chiller components.

  • Remote Air-Cooled Condensing
  • Evaporative Pre-Cooling

Remote Air-Cooled Condensing

In many applications, remote location of the condenser may be preferred. Smardt air chillers are available as a full package if desired, or on a condenser-less basis. Either configuration has full warranty applicable to all components supplied and commissioned.


  • Air-cooled chiller range – 60 TR to 450 TR
  • Adaptable by design – a base range with options to suit any air cooled application.
  • Designed for ease of maintenance and serviceability.
  • Advanced corrosion protection on critical operating surface areas.
  • Accurately designed for trouble-free and sustained operation across the entire chiller load range.
  • North American manufactured, tested and pre-commissioned prior to delivery to ensure trouble-free commissioning and startup on every project.

Evaporative Pre-Cooling

Energy consumption can be dramatically reduced with the use of evaporative pre-cooling to lower the incident air temperature on the coil. This can significantly reduce energy consumption, effectively shifting heat rejection from ambient dry bulb (95 deg F or 35 deg C) towards ambient wet bulb (say 75 deg F or 24 deg C). Added savings of over 30% compared with normal Smardt air-cooled operation have been demonstrated in warmer, dryer climates.