Turbocor Chillers and Magnetic Bearing Chillers

Standard 350TR Water Cooled Smardt ChillerHeat from process water is absorbed by water cooled chillers and transfers to a secondary water source such as a cooling tower. Water cooled chillers are generally used for large capacity industrial installation, where air cooled chillers are not an option due to the heat generated.

The Level Solutions line includes a variety of water cooled industrial chillers including Smardt Turbocor chillers and magnetic bearing chillers.

Smardt Water Cooled Industrial Chillers

Smardt water cooled chiller designs minimize complexity and streamline operation, delivering dependable performance and low operating costs.

  • Oil-free
  • Flooded shell-and-tube evaporation
  • Soft start
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Remote monitoring option
  • High reliability
  • Only one main moving part

Smardt’s water cooled chiller range – 60 TR through 3600 TR – is designed for a 30-year operating life, with the lowest lifetime operating costs in the market.

Magnetic Bearing Chillers

Smardt proprietary magnetic bearings replace conventional oil-lubricated bearings in their water cooled chillers. This eliminates high friction losses, mechanical wear, and high maintenance oil management systems. This results in energy savings of 35 percent and more over conventional chillers while ensuring long-term dependability.

Turbocor Chillers

Smardt water cooled chiller designs were founded on Turbocor chiller technology to enhance chiller performance with the benefits of Turbocor oil-free centrifugal compressors.


Smardt V-Class

Water Cooled Chillers
350TR to 2500 TR
Smardt uses Turbocor’s VTT compressor range to bring new levels of efficiency, reliability and turndown to the large watercooled chiller market – up to 2500 TR.

Smardt G-Class

Water Cooled Chillers
90TR to 880 TR using 1234ZE
Smardt G-class water cooled chillers deliver a full load efficiency of 0.52 kW/TR and an IPLV efficiency below 0.31 kW/TR, with an extended range of operating temperatures (to 40 deg F CWT).

Smardt T-Class

Water Cooled Chillers
60TR to 900 TR
Choose between high profile and low profile, modular, split, condenserless or SKD. All use Turbocor’s TT-series oil-free centrifugal compressors.