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Energy Recovery Systems, Chilled Beam Systems, Modular AHUs, Custom AHUs


FläktGroup SEMCO is committed to providing specialized, healthy air solutions. Optimizing indoor environments involves improving the quality of air and enhancing the efficiency of air delivery. SEMCO products are developed to do that, supported by the company’s specialized skills, experience, and technological expertise to address the challenges of today’s applications including:

  • Education
  • Office & Commercial
  • Healthcare
  • Public Gathering Places
  • Data Centers
  • Casinos
  • Government
  • Labs
  • Vertical Growing

FläktGroup SEMCO air quality solutions include energy recovery units and wheels, as well as chilled beam products, and OEM products.


The Pinnacle can recover up to 90% of the heating energy from a building’s exhaust air stream during its heating mode. Watch to see it in action!


Watch the video to see how the Elite Series operates, during its summer mode, to remove the heat and humidity from the captured air in order to blow out warm, humidified exhaust air.

Watch the video to see the Elite Series in action during its heating mode to draw cold and dry, outside air in order to blow out cool, dry exhaust air.