VariCool EZ-Fit

Custom Split DX Systems, Trane SWUD Replacement, DOAS Units

Level Solutions partners with United CoolAir Corporation (serving our Missouri and Illinois offices) to provide indoor packaged and light commercial heating and air conditioners. United CoolAir engineers unique comfort cooling solutions based on an innovative modular packaged, all-indoor design concept. 

Built to order horizontal and vertical models are available:

  • Air-Cooled
  • Water-Cooled
  • Heat Pump
  • Dedicated Outdoor Air System

UCA units can be customized to suit almost any need. Resealable refrigerant fittings make these systems ideal for retrofit and renovation projects at a lower cost than many conventional replacements. Most UCA heat and cooling units have the added benefit of being able to fit through a standard 3.0 doorway.

United CoolAir Products

  • C13-Series Horizontal commercial air conditioneThe flexible C13-Series Horizontal commercial air conditioner was designed as a ducted indoor system. 

    • Ideal for retrofit and renovation projects
    • Available in three cabinet sizes
    • Capacities ranging from 2 to 10 tons
    • Simple maintenance 
    • Water-Cooled, Air-Cooled, Air Source Heat Pump, Water Source Heat Pump, Chilled Water
    • Precision Cooling Package (Air or Water-Cooled)
    • Single Package or Splittable
    • Ceiling or Slab Mounting

    C13-Series Brochure

  • Verticool Aurora
    The VertiCool Aurora provides a versatile design in a floor mounted air conditioning system. The Aurora cabinets can be located in the conditioned space next to walls, in closets or mechanical rooms.

    • Ideal for renovation and replacement projects
    • 3–35 Tons
    • Air-cooled, water-cooled, water source heat pump
    • Floor mount single package or splittable
    • Handles most needs as either ducted or free blow
    • Air path is factory set, field labor not required for installation
  • Portable Horizontal Air Conditioning and Heating Units

    • 5 and 12 Tons Portable Cooling
    • Up To 30 kW Heating

    These horizontal units are small and flexible, and ideal for both indoor or outdoor applications . When operating indoors, the condenser air can be ducted outside. They can be provided with an integral unit mounted forklift pod or with casters.

  • Portable Horizontal Mid-Size Air Conditioning and Heating

    • 25 and 30 Tons Cooling
    • Up To 60 kW Heating

    The mid-sized horizontal unit offers the option of pod or trailer mounting, providing the flexibility and configuration you want or need.

    These units are built around a tubular frame for added stability. They are especially suited for temporary cooling or heating in renovation projects. In particular, spot cooling or heating and temporary cooling needs, such as when the building air conditioner is down for maintenance.

  • Vertical Portable Air Conditioning and Heating

    • 20 Tons Cooling
    • Up To 45 kW Heating

    The typical use for vertical-style units is cooling large tents through the wall. It’s standard bi-directional “free blow” grille arrangement distributes the air inside the tent, while the optional duct adaptors extend its versatility. Additional applications include manufacturing processes or temporary spot cooling/heating.

    These units are also easy to transport and position using the forklift pod, and the narrow footprint and white paint make them less obtrusive.

  • United CoolAir Corporation’s OmegaAir 100% outside AC unitUnited CoolAir Corporation’s OmegaAir 100% outside AC unit is a stand-alone system that is designed to reliably meet outside air requirements.

    OmegaAir is designed to exclusively handle the large latent ventilation load and deliver a “neutral” air of 70ºF to 72ºF @ 50% RH. OmegaAir’s supply air dew point design temperature is lower than standard air conditioners.  Before delivery, this unit removes the maximum amount of moisture.

    • 150-3000 CFM
    • Horizontal or vertical
    • Water cooled packages
    • Air-cooled with remote condenser

    OmegaAir Brochure

  •  Alpha Aire self-contained DX system air source heat pumpThe Alpha Aire unit is a 100% outside air, self-contained DX system, air source heat pump. This self-contained DOAS unit has been designed for quick and easy indoor installation, and requires no exterior mounting space. The indoor unit mounting preserves the architectural integrity of a building by keeping the roof and perimeter free of obstructions. In addition to eliminating the roof loads, the installation and maintenance costs are also lower. Limited outdoor access of equipment allows protection from weather, damage, and security.

    • All indoor installation
    • 200 to 500 CFM
    • Horizontal or vertical
    • Air-source heat pump
    • Variable Air Volume (thru BMS)
    • Air-Cooled Self-Contained DX w/ ERW
    • Dual energy recovery devices

    Alpha Aire Brochure

  • VariCool EZ-FitThis self-contained, modular air conditioning system is designed for use with floor-by-floor variable air volume needs. The unit is engineered precisely for this purpose, making it ideal for installation/renovation for retrofit jobs. The design contains three distinct sections – a fan section, evaporator coil section, and a condensing section. Single modules available in 12–15 ton, 20–25 ton, 30–35 ton, and 40–45-ton sizes.

    • 12–90 Tons
    • Water Cooled Packages
    • Water Source Heat Pumps
    • DOAS
    • Air Cooled with Remote Condenser
    • Chilled Water
    • 3-8 Piece Modular Package

    VariCool EZ-Fit Brochure

    • Marvel Premium™ – a microprocessor-based electronic programmable controller that controls UCA HVAC systems by use of a multi-application software package.
    • Marvel Mini™ – a microprocessor providing a lower-cost alternative solution to the Marvel Premium. This scaled-down version offers a solution for smaller packages.
    • Digital Programmable Thermostat – Lux Programmable thermostats let you input multiple settings per day maximizing energy savings and comfort.