Chilled Beam Systems

Lyra chilled beam systems
Level Solutions partners with SEMCO to offer a wide range of active and passive chilled beams which combine radiant cooling with conventional overhead ventilation to reduce energy usage, improve comfort levels, and reduce the architectural impact of ductwork and other mechanical systems.

Chilled beam systems are designed for use in commercial applications where there is a high temperature load or rooms that require individual comfort control. SEMCO chilled beams are engineered to manage high cooling capacity by using a primary air supply, such as outdoor air, to increase airflow over the element. The primary air is then supplied to the room through diffusers built into the beam. Many of our beams have a patented system for adjusting airflow, cooling effect, and airflow pattern making them highly suitable for adapting to changing conditions.

Our chilled beams are assisted by SEMCO Neuton Chilled Beam Pumps, which provides active condensation control while offering an improved response to occupied and unoccupied spaces. 

Level Solutions offers you the benefit of our extensive experience working with chilled beam systems. Through our vendor partnerships and exclusive agreements with the industry’s leading suppliers, we can offer you customized solutions delivered on time and within budget.

SEMCO Products

  • Juno IQHC chilled beamThe Juno is an intelligently designed active chilled beam that has the highest industry cooling capacity with the lowest air and water pressure drop. This chilled beam uses adjustable nozzles, allowing the engineer to design around a single termination pressure. The test and balance contractor then has an easier time of system-wide balancing to one pressure.

    • Condensation Control: 15% – 25%
    • Air Outlet: Adjustable Slots
    • Air Connection: Universal
    • Flow Pattern: Flow Pattern Control

    Typically applications require a number of items that must be coordinated for beams to be fabricated and installed: duct location, water location, nozzle set, duct size, etc. Contractors have to spend time sorting through beams once they arrive, to find the exact beam for a specified room. Alternatively, the Juno has the universal beam feature to alleviate complications and also has a 12-configuration solution that streamlines and simplifies the process and reduces errors.

    Active chilled beams such as the Juno, work together with the Pinnacle and the Neuton to provide one energy-efficient system known as 3fficiency.

  • Aurora IQSA chilled beamThe Aurora IQSA chilled beam is an integrated system for ventilation, cooling, and heating to answer most indoor climate needs. 

    • Condensation Control: 15% – 25%
    • Air Outlet: Adjustable Slots
    • Air Connection: Top/Side Mount
    • Flow Pattern: Flow Pattern Control

    The Aurora  supply air beams are designed to manage high cooling effects that, because of good mixing with room air, provide comfort and low air velocities in the occupied zone. The Aurora IQSA, with a covered top side, can be used for straight and slanting duct and water connections. This beam is configured for ceiling mounting, with dimensions designed for 12” wide ceiling panels. This chilled beam comes with adjusting rails, comfort control for the adjustment of airflow, cooling effect, and flow pattern. The simple adjustment of flow pattern allows for adaptations to changing conditions in the room.

  • Lyra II IQCB chilled beam systemDiffusing the air in four different directions, the LYRA II provides high cooling level and comfort. As with all SEMCO active chilled beams, the LYRA offers comfort with low air velocities in the room by mixing the supply air with the ambient air. This efficient chilled beam system will also keep your operating costs to a minimum.

    • Condensation Control: 15% – 25%
    • Air Outlet: Pi
    • Air Connection: Side Mount
    • Flow Pattern: 4-Way Throw

    The LYRA II chilled beam cassette offers a very low noise level in operation as well as flexibility and high cooling capacity. The LYRA II creates a sound level of less than 20 dB for a single cassette installation and a sound level of less than 25 dB with three LYRA II cassettes in the same room.

    The LYRA II cassette offers flexibility. With a smart combination of functions, LYRA II can adapt itself to different layouts required during the building’s lifetime. It’s also safe, quick, and simple to install.

    LYRA II Technical Data

  • The NOVA II chilled beam is an active chilled beam system for ventilation, cooling, and heating. The flow pattern control feature combined with adjustable induction allows this diffusion system to provide comfort and flexibility. 

    • Condensation Control: 15% – 25%
    • Air Outlet: Pi
    • Air Connection: Side Mount
    • Flow Pattern: Flow Pattern Control

    The pressure-independent advanced function offers even more flexibility by adding a demand-controlled ventilation function to the system. The air diffusion adjusts to building occupancy, making the HVAC system highly efficient. The NOVA II is suitable for many ductwork system types. The NOVA II is an aesthetic exposed chilled beam giving full flexibility for your building layout now and in the future.

    Nova II Technical Data

  • Elara QPVA passive chilled beamThe Elara passive chilled beam provides efficient room cooling. Featuring a width of 22.5”, this chilled beam can be ceiling installed or free space installed without a ceiling.

    • Condensation Control: 15% – 25%
    • Air Outlet: Gravity Fed

    The Elara passive chilled beam is available in interval lengths of 4 feet to 13.75 feet at 2-foot. In the case of installations with passive chilled beams, the air is supplied by means of separate supply air valves.


    • Exposed or ceiling flush
    • High cooling capacity
    • Easy maintenance
    • Easy installation with the use of fastening brackets
    • Flexibility in water pipe connection position
    • False ceiling/free hanging installation
    • Galvanized steel casing
    • Integrated lighting option

    Elara Passive Technical Data

  • Neuton plug-and-play controlled chilled beam pump moduleThe Neuton™ is the HVAC industry’s first smart, plug-and-play controlled chilled beam pump module (CCBPM) designed to reduce chilled beam system installation and operation expense. 

    This chilled beam pump module provides active condensation control, to answer one of the primary design issues regarding active chilled beams, providing improved response to both occupied and unoccupied spaces. Unique control sequences vary water flow and/or temperature as necessary to accommodate variations in zone load conditions. The Neuton pump module is a perfect solution for individual comfort control, handling up to 30 GPM managing up to 15-20 chilled beams each.


    • Factory-built and pre-tested 
    • Controlled chilled beam pump module package 
    • Powered-integrated direct-digital controller
    • Chilled/hot water connections and valves
    • Variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM) pumps
    • Smart sensors
    • Available in a variety of configurations 
    • Cost-effective solution for cooling spaces requiring individual comfort control
    • Intuitive design eliminates the expense of separate equipment
    • Simplify installation, controls, and beam system commissioning
    • Reducing the cost of chilled beam installation by 30% or more
    • Allows for smaller pipe diameters, fittings, and feet of pipe

    Neuton Pump Module Technical Guide

  • Neuton Multiple Zone chilled beam pump moduleThe Neuton Multiple Zone expands on the Neuton concept with  a module that allows for individual comfort control in multiple zones for individual comfort management.This version is offered to accommodate the increase in building designs that want to provide individual temperature controls for offices, hotel rooms, and other small zones.

    Neuton Multiple Zone is a controlled chilled beam pump module (CCBPM) capable of monitoring and controlling active chilled beams simultaneously in up to five rooms. It offers variations on the original Neuton Pump Module including modified onboard software, combination temperature/humidity monitoring sensors and thermostatically-controlled hydronic valves for up to five zones.

    • Single user offices
    • Library study rooms
    • Hospital rooms

    Neuton Pump Module Technical Guide

  • 3fficiencyThis system provides an energy-efficient, easy-to-specify, integrated solution that uses an average of 70% less pump energy to achieve better comfort than traditional equipment. Reducing airflow by 50% or more, 3fficiency saves motor horsepower, reduces piping and simplifies building controls. 

    • Air Flow Range: 1,500 – 45,000 CFM
    • Dew Point: 40 – 48
    • Grains of Moisture: 38 – 51
    • Energy Cost Savings $35,150/Year
    • Humidity Control: 40% – 50%

    3fficiency consists of three top of the line SEMCO products:

    • Pinnacle Dedicated Outdoor Air System: Manages 100% of a building’s ventilation and indoor humidity load in a single package, responding to varying conditions on demand. It cools, heats, or dehumidifies as required, providing a steady stream of optimally pre-conditioned, high-quality comfortable air.
    • Neuton Controlled Chilled Beam Pump Module: Designed to control condensation, provide energy savings, and optimize water temperature.
    • Chilled Beam Line: Provide comfort with low air velocities in the room by mixing the supply air with the ambient air.

    3fficiency is a great alternative to Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF). The benefits of using 3fficiency over a VRF system include:

    • Eliminates concerns with ASHRAE 15 – Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems
    • Eliminates refrigerant leaks
    • No more electrical wire runs
    • Provides a whole building variable water flow system

    Applicable LEEDv4 Credits

    • EAp2: Minimum Energy Performance
    • EAc2: Optimize Energy Performance
    • EQc5: Thermal Comfort
    • Eqp1: Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance
    • Eqp2: Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies