Maintaining proper humidity levels is crucial for preserving sensitive equipment, preventing corrosion, and ensuring optimal performance of machinery. Humidification systems optimize environments by regulating indoor air quality and enhancing operational efficiency.

In HVAC systems, humidification helps control indoor air quality, enhancing comfort for occupants and reducing the risk of health issues associated with dry air, such as respiratory problems and skin irritation. Renewable energy and electrical applications benefit from humidification systems because maintaining optimal humidity levels is essential for the reliable operation of sensitive electronic components, preventing static electricity buildup, and minimizing the risk of equipment failure or damage due to electrostatic discharge.

Fisair Hygienic Diphusair Air Humidifiers

Level Solutions partners with Fisair to offer hygienic diphusair air humidifiers capable of high-precision relative humidity control. Examples of industries that benefit from hygienic, clean steam, humidification systems include health care, pharmaceutical, biotech, municipal, and more.

  • Diphusair ASC
  • Diphusair FSH
  • Diphusair VxV
  • Humidifiers Accessories
  • Steam injection System Diphusair MT2

Diphusair ASC

  • Superheated water heat exchange humidification systems

Diphusair FSH

  • Steam injection humidifiers system
  • Designed for work with pressurized boiler steam
  • Double jacketed piping and steam separator
  • Air humidification systems

Diphusair VxV

  • Boiler steam exchange humidification system

Humidifiers Accessories

  • Humidifiers accessories for steam dispersion systems
  • For operating with unpressurized steam generated by the isothermal steam self-generators

Steam injection System Diphusair MT2

  • Steam injection/dispersion system
  • Works with pressurized boiler steam
  • Or unpressurised steam generated by isothermal steam humidifiers

Carel Isothermal and Adiabatic Humidifiers

Level Solutions partners with Carel to offer isothermal and adiabatic humidification systems.

Isothermal (steam) humidifiers use a process that keeps air temperature constant. Steam is generated before the mixing process and fed into indoor air through a ventilation unit or an air conditioning system. Carel models include:

  • Resistive steam humidifiers
  • Gas-fired steam humidifiers
  • Centralized steam distributors
  • Immersed electrode humidifiers
  • Steam distribution systems

In adiabatic humidification systems, water is atomized into minute droplets that evaporate into the air. Carel low-energy consumption adiabatic humidifiers include:

  • Centrifugal humidifiers
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers
  • Compressed air water atomisers
  • Pressurized water humidifiers
  • Atomisers- evaporative cooling

Humidification systems are indispensable for creating a conducive environment that promotes productivity, safety, and longevity in various industrial sectors. Level Solutions is your source for reliable, customized humidification solutions for a variety of applications.