ingenie logo
Ingenia manufactures HVAC products, specializing in the design and manufacture of air handling units, including fast delivery modular units to custom solutions. Products: Modular Air Handling Solutions, Custom Air Handling Solutions, Jobsite Assembled Solutions.
FlaktGroup SEMCO logo
FläktGroup SEMCO provides specialized, healthy air solutions for optimizing indoor environments. Products: Energy Recovery Systems, Chilled Beam Systems, Desiccant Dehumidification, Modular AHUs, Custom AHUs
Dectron Dry-O-Tron logo
Dectron and the Dry-O-Tron brand of dehumidification is known as the trusted and proven brand in the industry, with more dehumidifier installations than any other company. Products: Refrigeration Based Systems – Pool & Natatorium Units
STULZ logo
STULZ USA researches, designs, manufactures, tests, delivers, and supports products and solutions for mission critical applications. Products: Data Center & Critical Climate Systems, Refrigeration Based Agriculture Systems
Brasch Electric Heaters logo
Brasch Electric Heaters
Open Coil Electric Duct Heaters, Fin Tube Electric Duct Heaters, Electric Unit Heaters, Floor, Ceiling, Wall Electric Heaters, Baseboard and Convector Heaters, Explosion Proof Electric Heaters (Duct & Unit), Custom or Specialty Electric Duct Heaters
Climateworx International logo
Climateworx International
Mission Critical Air Conditioning; Data Center, Computer Room, Labs; 1.5 – 30 Tons; Wall, Ceiling, or Floor Mount
Custom Controls Company logo
Custom Controls Company
Hazardous Duty: Wall Mount Air Conditioners, Package Units, Series Closed Loop Cabinet Coolers, Window Air Conditioners, Custom HVAC Systems,Explosion Proof Heaters, Condensing Unit, Explosion Proof Fans, Equipment Modifications
Jackson Systems / Distech Controls logo
Jackson Systems / Distech Controls
Software and Apps, Building Automation System, System and Equipment Control Solution, Room Control Solution, Occupant Interfaces and Room Sensors, Touchscreen Displays, Light Controls and Blind Control, Access Control System, Field Devices
Motivair logo
Free-Cooling Chillers, Scroll Chillers, Industrial Process Chillers, Centricor Chillers, Air-Cooled Chillers, Modular Low Ambient Air Source Heat Pump, Air Source Heat Pumps, Medical Chillers, Compact Water-Cooled Chillers, Heat Recovery Chillers, Pump Stations, Low Temperature Chillers
RAE Coils logo
RAE Coils
Booster Coils, Condenser Coils, Direct Expansion Coils, Fluid Coils, Industrial Coils, Insulated Case Coils, Steam Coils
Seasons•4 logo
Single Zone Units, Multi-Zone Units – Including Direct Fit Replacement, Package DX Units – Including Custom Solutions
Temprite logo
Air Turnover Units, Direct Fire / Make-Up Air, Evaporative Cooling Units, Industrial Space Heaters
The Whalen Company logo
The Whalen Company
Vertical Riser Fan Coil Units, Vertical Stack Fan Coils, Direct & Belt Drive Fan Coils, Console Units, Water Source Heat Pumps
Thermaduct logo
Exterior Rooftop Ductwork, Indoor Ductwork Solutions, Kool Duct Pre-Insulated Indoor Duct
Thermal Care logo
Thermal Care
Portable Chillers, Central Chillers, Hybrid Evaporator Chiller, Pump Tanks, Temperature Controllers
USA Coil logo
USA Coil
Custom Coils, Duct Booster Coils, Direct Drive Fan Coil, Units, Fluid Coolers & Remote Air-Cooled Condensers, Sentry Guard Freeze Protection, Microchannel Coils, Belt Drive Air Handling, Units, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Coil Coatings, Coil Sections & Sectional Coils, Modular Air Handlers, UVC Light for HVAC
Vibro-Acoustics logo
Acoustic Solutions, Vibration Solutions, Seismic Solutions
Zero Cool logo
Zero Cool
Indoor Grow Room Conditioning, Grow Room Controls System with Monitoring Capability
E logo
Envirosep designs, engineers, and manufactures an innovative and customizable selection of modular fluid handling, heat transfer, and energy recovery systems. Products: Modular Boiler Plants, Modular Chiller Plants, and Packaged Pump Systems.
Fisair logo
Fisair is a company that manufactures solutions for the control of air and humidity in materials and industrial processes. Products: Air Humidity Control Products
CAREL logo
CAREL makes a wide array of humidification equipment for any application. Isothermal products included element and electrode style humidifiers, as well as gas fired units. Adiabatic units include high pressure systems and oscillating style atomizers. CAREL provides humidification for a wide array of industries including health care, printing, painting and coating, food production, museums, and many more! Products: Air Humidification Systems