Dectron Dehumidification Units Provide the Perfect Solution for Hotel Indoor Pools

Hotel pools are largely considered an essential amenity that many travelers look for when selecting a property for an overnight stay or vacation. Indoor pools are particularly appealing since they can be used any time of year. As much as indoor hotel pools provide enjoyment during all seasons, they also pose unique challenges, particularly in terms of humidity control. Dehumidification units are highly effective in ensuring that hotel pools remain comfortable, safe, and inviting for guests.

Why Dehumidification is Essential for Indoor Pools in Hotels

Indoor hotel pools are located in enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, which can give rise to high humidity levels due to the constant evaporation of water from the pool’s surface. Not only does excessive humidity make the pool area uncomfortable to be in, but it also leads to a host of problems, including mold growth, corrosion, and compromised indoor air quality.

Dehumidification systems play a crucial role in maintaining optimal humidity levels, preventing that sticky, muggy feeling to ensure that guests can enjoy the pool area in comfort.

Dehumidification units not only enhance guest comfort but also contribute to their overall well-being by maintaining healthier indoor air quality.

High humidity levels in pool areas can also wreak havoc on the surrounding infrastructure. Unchecked humidity can lead to the deterioration of materials, including rusted metal, peeling paint, and warped wood. These issues not only compromise the aesthetics of the space but also necessitate frequent maintenance and repairs, impacting the hotel’s operational costs.

Dehumidification units act as a shield, effectively removing excess moisture from the air and protecting the pool area’s structural integrity. They also mitigate safety risks by maintaining dry conditions and preventing moisture from infiltrating critical areas.

Dectron Dry-O-Tron Units are the Ideal Humidity Solution for Hotel Pools

Trusted and proven for over 40 years, Dectron Dry-O-Tron equipment is in more hotel chains than any other manufacturer. Dectron’s Dry-O-Tron DS series and DS-D series are ideal for most hotel-sized indoor swimming pools to provide dependable, energy efficient performance.

WebSentry Internet monitoring capability is installed at no cost on every dehumidifier. Hotels can rely on our 24-7 remote monitoring, and automated trouble alerts to ensure peak performance and prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.

Dry-O-Tron DS Series

The Dry-O-Tron DS Series line of dehumidifiers combines exceptional engineering and design, plus premium components to make this series both energy efficient and exceptionally reliable.

  • Peak performance in the range of 12 to 120 lbs per hour of moisture removal
  • 600 to 6,500 CFM of air handling
  • For larger applications, our LEEDeR® Series is an ideal solution

Dry-O-Tron DS-D Series

Designed specifically for retrofit situations, the Dry-O-Tron DS-D Series offers double capacity with a smaller footprint. This compact, two-stage system provides scalable capacity and performance of two complete systems in one, regulated by a single control system.

  • Two systems in one package
  • Ability to split systems – with just a wire harness to connect them
  • The smallest footprint in the industry

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