SEMCOTM to Host Elite Series Webinar

On May 25th, FläktGroup® SEMCOTM is hosting an Elite Series webinar to educate participants on the high performance, energy recovery design of this innovative series. The Elite Series can be employed as a component of an integrated system and provide total space conditioning.

A primary advantage of the Elite Series is the ability to control humidity. Humidity control has been a challenge for many competing manufacturers to achieve. SEMCO is able to achieve this by using a cooling coil to condition the outdoor air and correct the humidity. The system then reheats the air to a temperature that is comfortable for occupants.

The Elite Series includes the FläktGroup SEMCO Unitary Wheel Cassette (UWC). This wheel delivers the greatest latent and sensible transfer efficiency media in its class. It also offers superior indoor air quality eliminating 96% of surface viruses and bacteria through its antimicrobial, antistick, and anticorrosion media properties. It is the best choice for keeping people safe and healthy.

Watch the Elite Series animation here.

Sign up to attend the webinar by clicking on the links below:

FläktGroup SEMCO Elite Webinar

May 25th at 2:00 PM CDT

Read about the Elite Series here!

Level Solutions is proud to partner with FläktGroup SEMCO to offer air quality solutions that include energy recovery units and wheels, as well as chilled beam products, and OEM products.

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